Technicals and safety tips

Deeply by Kaitlyn IPL Hair removal device

Safety tips
to protect your skin do NOT use the device on your skin if
- you have a know skin infection or disorder
- you have any skin related allergies
- you have photosensitization
- you are pregrant, or you are lactating or have menstruation
- you have a sunburn
- you have black or fuscescent nevus
- your skin has a wound or the skin is broken.
You should flash one area less that two times per treatment time. Please do not engage for tattood areas.



- focus size of the light: 33 x 10 mm2
- size: 124 x 83 x 48,5mm3
- Lamp tube life even more than 500 000 times
- Adoptor 12V3A/2.5A DC Output
and AC100-240V AC input
- Xenon quartz lamp tube

To be noted
Deeply by Kaitlyn -device is suitable for black hair and dark-hair people where as white, gray or blonde hair needs to be treated 2-3 more times to achieve results. It is recommended that the use of the device especially for a combination of light golden hair, brown hair and black hair on white and yellow skin needs to be 2-3 frequent that for other hair.

Deeply by Kaitlyn -IPL device comes with Power adopter with C-plug which fits most EU countries and instruction manual. The customers which have different plug may use an adopter. We encourage you to check with us availability of other plugs once you send in your order.

Before use clean the falst area with a medical alcohol wipe to clean the device and test the device for a small area of skin and wait for 2 hours seeing possible skin reaction before advancing in the hair removal procedure. In the case of redness, burns or other symptons consult a doctor before using again.

Instructions for use:
1. Shave your legs first so there is no visible hair. Shaving cuts your hairs close to your skin. After that there’s no hair on the surface to take up the flashes of light energy.The flash energy will go directly down the hair shaft, deep inside your follicle. For your follicle the flash converts to heat and damages areas of the follicle, which stunts your hair growth and keeps it in a dormant state.
2. Plug in the power adopter to the device and to electricity supply.
2. Press the green blinking power button for 1 second and the device will go for the working state.
3. Adjust the intensity level by clicking the button in green.
4. Move the device's flash area into you your skin and press flash button (large button in the middle of the device).
5. Adjust the level of intensity.
6. Whan finished using please clean the flash window using a medical wet wipe.

It is recommend to wipe you skin with a cold water towel or/and apply a body lotion for the treated area.

Other notifications
- the device is not waterproof, avoid contact with water
- use one time every week for up to six times to gain results
- results of the use will vary from person to person depending on skin and hair colour and on hair grow intensity


Kaitlyn Blackhead removal Instrument

Safety tips
do not use the device 
- longer than 3-4 minutes a session during the first times of use
- by pressing the probe on the skin when in use
- if your skin is damaged with scars
- if you have skin irritation for you palm from the test use

Other notifications
- please do not scrub before use
- after treatment it is normal that your skin shows slight redness as the vacuum-function increases the micro circulation - your skin will go back to your natural tone within an hour
- the device is not waterproof, avoid contact with water

Size 42x50x165mm
Power input 5V/1A
Power 3W
Repraceable tip design
Led-display indicator light