Kaitlyn blackhead removal instrument

get a healthier and smoother and softer skin by Kaitlyn Blackhead removal instrument: 

purifies pores

treats acne

removals blackheads

Kaitlyn Skin Artist Products Kaitlyn Blackhead removal instrument


Easy to use at home
- charge the device with USB-cord that comes along in the package
- once charged select the suction level in the start/stop button
- choose one of the four headpieces for the treatment - we recommend to start with the one with biggest opening and attach to the instrument
- start with the lowest suction capacity level
- test suction on the back of your palm prior using on your face
- apply derived lotion or warm water prior to using device which opens the skin pores allowing optimal results
- gently move the device along on your skin and do not stay in one place. To avoid redness and irritation of skin you need to move the device all the time and use only for a short time. 
- press 3 seconds the start/stop button to shut down the device
- we recommend a weekly treatment

All in one package

Kaitlyn blackhead removal instrument

Kaitlyn blackhead removal comes with USB-cord and 4 headpieces. Please read carefully the safety tips before first use. 


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